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beeZbee CBD Terpene Tincture 100mg

$ 40.00

beeZbee CBD Terpene Tinctures contain 100mg of full spectrum CBD blended with terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds in plants that give them their scent and provide potential health benefits to humans. The beeZbee CBD Terpene Tinctures are available in seven flavors:

Afgoo Blueberry: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep
Gelato: Reduce Anxiety, Boost Mood, Reduce Pain
Grape Ape: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Boost Mood
Lemon Haze: Increasing Energy, Reduce Pain
Pineapple Express: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Boost Mood
Sour Diesel: Reduce Anxiety, Increase Energy, Increase Focus, Boost Mood
Strawberry Diesel: Enhanced energy and a clear-minded focus paired with a boost in mood.