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Oregon Trail CBD Hemp Flower Jars 28 Grams

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Oregon Trail CBD Hemp Flower Jar contains 28 grams of Oregon-grown premium hemp flower. Oregon Trail Hemp Flower contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes and is perfect for a traditional experience. Available in 5 strains:

Frosted Lime

  • Total Cannabinoids 15.88%
  • Total CBD Percentage 13.67%
  • Total CBG Percentage 0.33%
  • Total CBN Percentage 0%
  • Total CBC Percentage 1.34 %
Effects: Energy, Mood, Relax
Frosted Lime is a great strain to help feel productive and creative. Frosty Lime has a skunky aroma with a citrus and lime taste. With its mood uplifting properties coupled with light body relaxation, Frosted Lime is the perfect daytime strain.

  • Total Cannabinoids 18.09%
  • Total CBD Percentage 15.55%
  • Total CBG Percentage 0.62%
  • Total CBN Percentage 0%
  • Total CBC Percentage 1.05%
Effects: Energy, Focus, Relax, Pain
Oregon Trail Lifter hemp flower is a high-CBD strain that is both potent in flavor and effects. As its name suggests, Lifter is the perfect mood booster with energy for your mind and relaxation for your body. It also is known for helping with pain and is perfect for an afternoon of hobbies and errands.

Siskiyou Gold
  • Total Cannabinoids 16.62%
  • Total CBD Percentage 13.22%
  • Total CBG Percentage 0.41%
  • Total CBN Percentage 0%
  • Total CBC Percentage 2.46%
Effects: Focus, Mood, Relax, Sleep
Siskiyou Gold has a fruity, floral aroma and is the perfect strain for relaxing while maintaining creative energy. With more of a focused energy, this strain provides a boost in mood without being stimulating. Siskiyou Gold is perfect for during the day as well as to unwind in the evening.

Space Candy
  • Total Cannabinoids 17.28%
  • Total CBD Percentage 15.28%
  • Total CBG Percentage 0.38%
  • Total CBN Percentage 0%
  • Total CBC Percentage 0.97%
Effects: Mood, Relax
This Oregon Trail CBD Hemp Flower strain for those looking to boost their mood and energy while calming down from stress. Sour Space Candy provides a full body relaxation experience that is perfect for day or night. The terpene profile in the Oregon Trail Sour Space Candy makes its smell, taste, and effect potent.