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Our Top 10 Products of 2020

Check out our Top 10 products of 2020 and enter for a chance to win $300 in free products! 

beeZbee CBD Bath Bombs

Soothe sore muscles and joints and take relaxation to the next level with CBD bath bombs. 

Raw Kratom Silver Extract 

Kratom is often used as a natural means of boosting energy, enhancing relaxation and relieving pain.

beeZbee Terpene Tinctures

When combined with CBD, terpenes pack a powerful, wellness-boosting “entourage effect.”  

beeZbee CBD+CBG Tinctures

The new CBD+CBG tinctures combine 2 powerful cannabinoids to help provide full body relief. 

DermaThereal Rejuvenation Oil

CBD in skincare may help decrease acne and blemishes, hydrate skin and decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

beeZbee zZz Night Gummies

CBD and Melatonin work together to assist with both immediate and long term needs to help you fall and stay asleep. 

beeZbee Δ8-THC Cartridges

Δ8-THC hemp extract cartridges contain a blend of Δ8-THC hemp extract and terpenes to help ease various symptoms.

beeZbee Δ8-THC Pain Cream

CBD+Δ8-THC work together to ease inflammation and provide mild to moderate pain relief depending on the strength selected.

beeZbee CBD+Δ8-THC Tinctures

CBD+Δ8-THC tinctures are a customer favorite, providing relief from stress, pain and more.

beeZbee CBD+Δ8-THC Gummies

CBD+Δ8-THC gummies are an easy and convenient way to take these 2 cannabinoids.

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