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beeZbee CBD Terpene Tinctures 250mg

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beeZbee now offers CBD terpene tinctures available in your favorite flavors. Terpenes are naturally occurring components within fruits and plants and give them their smell, taste, and effects. The beeZbee CBD Terpene Tinctures are available in six flavors depending on your needs:

  • Afgoo Blueberry: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep
  • Gelato: Reduce Anxiety, Boost Mood, Reduce Pain 
  • Grape Ape: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Boost Mood
  • Lemon Haze: Increasing Energy, Reduce Pain
  • Pineapple Express: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Boost Mood 
  • Sour Diesel: Reduce Anxiety, Increase Energy, Increase Focus, Boost Mood