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beeZbee CBD Terpene Tincture 550mg

$ 90.00 $ 75.00

Are you ready for a new experience with CBD? beeZbee now has your favorite strains available in a natural, flavorful tincture. Terpenes are naturally occurring components within plants that give them their smell, taste, and effects. The beeZbee CBD Terpene Tinctures are available in six flavors:

Afgoo Blueberry: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep
Gelato: Reduce Anxiety, Boost Mood, Reduce Pain 
Grape Ape: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Boost Mood
Lemon Haze: Increasing Energy, Reduce Pain
Pineapple Express: Reduce Anxiety, Reduce Stress, Boost Mood 
Sour Diesel: Reduce Anxiety, Increase Energy, Increase Focus, Boost Mood