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Buzz Brownie

$ 10.00 $ 5.95

They are an AWESOME UPPER!
Like we said for the 1/2 baked brownies, we do not carry items that we do not like. We love these brownies! These really are the BEST tasting and best uplifting brownies on the market. 
These brownies are a BIG 4 ounces, which means they are bigger than a hockey puck. They are soft and tasty. You can't eat a whole one by yourself, they are very filling. 1/2 of a brownie is one serving and trust us, that is all you need. See for yourself! These are definately NOT your grandmother's brownies!! A great alternative to all those sugar filled energy drinks!! 
2 servings per package 4 ounces per brownie
Proprietary Energy Blend: Caffeine, Ginseng Extract, Guarana Extract and Green Tea Extract. 

*Consume responsibly