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Oregon Trail CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Cones

$ 80.00

Oregon Trail CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Cones 12 Pack contains Oregon-grown high CBD, premium hemp flower pre-rolled in a filtered cone. Oregon Trail Hemp Flower contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for a traditional experience. 


 Hawaiian Haze 

CBD Percentage 15.77%

Effects: Energy, Mood, Pain



CBD Percentage 14.86%

Effects: Energy, Focus, Relax, Pain


 Space Candy 

CBD Percentage 14.64%

Effects: Happy, Uplifting, Energetic


Suver Haze 

CBD Percentage 13.92%

Effects: Energy, Mood, Relax


 Special Sauce

CBD Percentage 14.29%

Effects: Calm anxiety, Sleep, Pain 

CBD Percentage 13.22%
Effects: Ease anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Energy


 Bubba Kush

CBD Percentage 15.23%

Effects: Relaxing mood, Pain, Anxiety

CBD Percentage 14.06%
Effects: Pain, Relax, Mood
CBD Percentage 14.32%
Effects: Stimulating, Refreshing, Well-balanced