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Raw Kratom CBD + Kratom Tincture

$ 100.00

ALL NEW! Raw Kratom brings you the power of CBD and Kratom in a new tincture. Raw Kratom Alkaloid CBD + Tincture is a red-veined Kratom extract tincture infused with full-spectrum hemp extract. The alkaloids are twice the strength of traditional Kratom powder.

CBD and Kratom together can be beneficial for chronic pain relief. CBD helps to reduce inflammation while Kratom assists with pain relief as well as a mood lift. 


Raw Kratom CBD Tinctures are available in four milligrams:

CBD+Kratom Tincture 550mg CBD 300mg Alkaloids
CBD+Kratom Tincture 550mg CBD 600mg Alkaloids
CBD+Kratom Tincture 1100mg CBD 300mg Alkaloids
CBD+Kratom Tincture 1100mg CBD 600mg Alkaloids

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