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True Being CBD Sugar and Shea Scrub 70mg

$ 15.00

The True Being CBD Sugar and Shea Scrub has 70mg of CBD Isolate and uses the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. Both are known to hydrate the skin as well as protect it from harsh elements. The body scrub is scented using natural essential oils. The True Being CBD Sugar and Shea Scrub is available in four scents: 

- Black Raspberry Vanilla - Honey Oat - Mimosa and Mandarin - Pink Champagne


Reminder for CBD in Skin Care products: 

CBD has several major benefits when added into skin care and body care products. CBD has the ability to reach receptors directly under the skin thus inhibiting swelling, inflammation and irritation. CBD is also instrumental in preventing breakouts as the CBD is able to minimize sebum production and normalize an overactive sebaceous gland, making your skin less oily and your pores less clogged.